Mortgage Penalty Calculators

The Canadian government now requires federally regulated mortgage lenders to (among other things that have been in discussion for some time) access to online calculators to estimate the pre-payment penalty on their mortgage.   We’ve summarized the links to access these calculators on our website here. While this is a great step forward, caution should […]

Beware the pitfals of collateral mortgages

As we’ve mentioned in the past, great care should be taken to not get yourself into a mortgage with hidden limitations.   TD for example registers all their mortgages now (see Switch vs TD Collateral Charges).  Just one change that we would recommend to this article from – instead of relying on your lawyer to […]

Fixed mortgage rates vs Bond yields

The Financial Post recently published and article describing the relationship between fixed rate mortgages, Government Bond Yields and the Bank of Canada Prime interest rate. We’ve talked about this relationship frequently, and think it is useful for our clients to understand this relationship in some detail.  Rest assured that we do watch bond yields regularly, […]